Kevin Randleman - Strikeforce Training Video

Kevin Randleman Strikeforce Training Video:

MMA legend Kevin “The Monster” Randleman trains with Shawn Tompkins of Xtreme Couture for his Strikeforce match against Mike Whitehead.

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  1. I just don't understand how he could run out of gas so quick in his fight with Mike Whitehead. This time though, I didn't have any confidence in him based on his previous fight against a smaller japanese fighter, Ryo Kawamura. He ran out of gas very quickly & I believe he lost that fight.

    Now if you don't have that much gas you have to be aggressive & finish it in the first few rounds or hurt them so bad that you can coast later. But he didn't look like he wanted to do that. I'm not sure what his strategy was. He is a fighter I want to see succeed.

    The one improvement I did see was his ability to get off his back once he was on the bottom. He did very good reversals as soon as they were possible, when in previous fights this was a death sentence for him. Unless he has Randy Couture DNA, he may not have forever to make all the improvments needed. I hope it was some problem that caused this & not a lack of improvement.

    Still rooting for you Kevin, if you have the 1/100 chance of seeing this