Nik Lentz vs Charles Oliveira Fight Video - UFC on Versus 4 Prelims - FULL FIGHT

Nik Lentz vs. Charles Oliveira Fight Video - UFC Live: Kongo vs Barry - UFC on Versus 4 Prelims Undercard - FULL FIGHT:

MMA Fight Video of "Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz" in a Lightweight Prelim Bout @ UFC Live on Versus 4: Kongo vs Barry in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA on Sunday, June 26th, 2011.


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  1. REF NEEDS TO BE SUSPENDED, and the decision reversed, look at all those shots to the back of the head too...i mean c'mon.. that was like Goes vs Henderson except in that fight the ref did the right thing. Wheres that ref?

  2. Well, the fight was declared a no-contest the next day. I do agree that the ref was particularly inept and shouldn't officiate a anything more strenuous than a lawn-darts match. What makes this so egregious is the fact that a knee strike like that could end a guy's career. That's why the rule exists.

    The other ref of the night, Metheny I think was his name - he did the Mitrione/Morecroft and the Story/Brenneman fight - was bad in another way... he hasn't a clue about what fighters are doing on the ground!