Did Kimbo Tap? Kimbo Slice vs Bret Rogers possible for October 2008 - Elite XC

Alrite everyone, check this out. Another MMA media buzz surrounding the CBS Elite XC Primetime event last Saturday. This revolves around Kimbo's performance in the cage against James Thompson and his possible future fight with Brett Rogers as a feud and some bad blood has started between the two. Is this another staged pre-fight hype sensation or is this controversy for real? As things progress, we'll slowly find out.

Elite XC CBS Primetime: Kimbo vs Thomson - Kimbo Slice TAPPED OUT?? (Controversial Fight...up for debate)

But NAH, I personally don't think and most people agree that Kimbo did not actually tap but rather was giving the thumbs up to the ref showing him he was OK. But still, quiet intersting turn of events. Let them keep building the hype. :D

Elite XC: Post-Fight Press Conference - Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers - War of Words:

After Brett Rogers called Kimbo Slice "garbage", Kimbo got mad. Things had to get broken up. This should make the eventual meeting in the cage between these two quiet interesting. Looking forward to it.

Post-Fight conference - Brett Rogers Calls Kimbo Slice Garbage:

Like the one above, this video is more clear, shows Brett Rogers having some harsh words for Kimbo at the post-fight press conference and almost caused an all-out melee. Since Rogers knocked out Thompson when they met, he feels he can do the same to Kimbo for putting on a supposedly "poor" showing against Thompson in their match-up at Elite XC Primetime event and getting a ref-favoured win.. Well, I don't know if I agree with Brett...but it does make for a great pre-fight hype!

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