Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Episode 2: Joan of Arc vs William the Conqueror - VIDEO

Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Episode 2: Joan of Arc vs William the Conqueror - VIDEO:

July 27th, 2011 -- Get ready to smack talk each other like never before because this week for the first time on Deadliest Warrior we have a medieval battle of the sexes when our first female warrior Joan of Arc faces off against William the Conqueror!

Joan of Arc:
Born in 1412 as a peasant in France, who later claimed to have received divine guidance after remarkably predicting a military turn of events near Orléans. While a convincing 12-year-old girl, it was more likely that France viewed her as the only source of hope for a regime near collapse. The French Military was demoralized and every logical option attempted and failed. Hence the decision to place a girl claiming God was instructing her to lead her countries army seemed like a good option as they had nothing else to lose. After gaining control Joan led the French army to multiple key victories that helped pave the way for the crowning of King Charles VII. However, like most great stories there is a tragic ending. Joan was captured by the Burgundians, sold to the English, and tried and burned at the stake when she was 19, leaving her a patron saint of France.

William the Conqueror:
Born around 1028 as an illegitimate son of Robert I, Duke of Normandy but in fact his only living son. Hence, when his father died in 1035, William was recognized as heir. As William aged he took more personal control and gained military experience by warding off rebellions from 1046-1055. William, jilted by having Harold (Earl of Wessex) crowned King in 1066 instead of him; a position promised to him, invaded England and camped near Hastings. Harold arrived without delay to ward William off and while it was a close-fought battle, Harold was killed and his army collapsed. On Christmas Day 1066, William was crowned King of England.

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