Robert Drysdale vs Clay Davidson Fight Video - AFC 4 - FULL FIGHT

Armageddon Fighting Championships 4: BJJ Champ Robert Drysdale vs Clay Davidson Fight Video - AFC 4 - FULL FIGHT:

Robert Drysdale versus Clay Davidson - AFC 4

Armageddon Fighting Championship presents Robert Drysdale (2-0) vs. Clay Davidson (5-1) at AFC 4-Revelation, November, 6th, 2010.


**Armageddon Fighting Championships 4 videos of Brazilian jiu-jitsu champ Robert Drysdale vs. Clay Davidson. The fight was short and this is mostly just the finish.

**The video of near the end of the match at AFC 4: Revealation

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  1. It’s interesting that all the video shows is the finish. I was at the fight and Davidson landed a beautiful combination that forced Drysdale to take the fight where he was comfortable. He’s amazing at B.J.J. but we still haven’t seen him at M.M.A. When Drysdale’s corner tells him to “soften him up” it looks like he drops pillows in stead of dropping bombs. He is obviously the next golden boy but i think his M.M.A. is going to have to get a whole lot better if he’s going to do well in the U.F.C.