The Beginning: The Birth of MMA BloodBath

Hey everyone. Welcome to MMA BloodBath, your source to the exciting and dangerous world of MMA - Mixed Martial Arts. I would like to introduce you to all things MMA, the best sport on earth. And best of all, the most classic and historic, as well as the most up-to-date and recent fights and videos of everything MMA will be posted here. Even live pay-per-view MMA events will be linked, posted and discussed here, so every true hardcore MMA fan should bookmark right now, and I guarantee that you all will surely be bloody satisfied from mixed martial arts brain overload! Good thing there's nothing such as too much MMA.

All the amazing MMA videos and fight clips will be found here from all different organizations like UFC, Pride FC, WEC, Strikeforce, Dream, IFL, K-1, Yarennoka, HDNET Fights, Elite XC, Affliction MMA, World Victory Road Sengoku, YAMMA, Art Of War, BoDog fights, Cage Rage, Rio Heroes, Shooto, and much more. I promise that any true MMA fan will not be disappointed. So relax, sit tight and enjoy the ride. MMA BloodBath has exploded into the worldwide online MMA scene, and is here to stay. MMA BloodBath - bloody till the end.

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